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eDonkey2000 1.4.5

eDonkey2000 awardeDonkey2000 virus freeeDonkey2000 combines the strengths of Gnutella and Napster while avoiding their problems.
You have the ability to search all the files being shared anywhere on the eDonkey2000 network. It allows you to transfer any type of file.
It automatically resumes interrupted transfers from alternate sources. It even introduces ways to share a whole collection of files together so you can be sure to get all the songs in an album or all pieces of a movie.
Users will be able to download a file from multiple sources at the same time thus insuring that transfers will be as fast as possible. Files can be uploaded while being downloaded.
This insures that a rare file that is wanted by many people will be distributed as quickly as possible.
eDonkey contains the most advanced peer to peer filesharing technology available. It is robust, fast and easy to use.

What's new in version eDonkey2000 1.4.5?
  • It now has NAT Traversal support so in some cases if two people are behind firewalls then they can still make a connection.
  • Download time: 56K: 7m 34s 64K: 6m 37s 128K: 3m 19s 768K: 34s
    Developer: visit eDonkey2000 developers homepage MetaMachine
    License: Adware 0.00
    Size: 3.1 MB, Download program
    Last Updated: September 3, 2006, Tell Us About New Version
    OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    Interface: English
    Documentation: Help
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    eDonkey2000 1.4.5
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    salut ca va moki uihf oifvvpui
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